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April 23, 2009
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SDL ID: Kururu Kazuha v2 by seochan SDL ID: Kururu Kazuha v2 by seochan
this is the 2nd version of my Kururu Kazuha
here's the old version --> [link]
took me a really long time to finished it...
i have a lot of job to do T_T
but now its finished...huraaayyy desuuu...XD

Reference Sheet link ---> [link]


Kururu Kazuha

On one night as a full moon brightly illuminated the Earth, was the moment a baby girl was born. She had been born with a brown right eye, with her left eye a deep red. Soon after, that baby was given the name Kururu Kazuha. Different to other children at her age, Kururu's development was unrivalled. At four years of age she decided to become a great kunoichi like her mother had been. Indeed her mother supported Kururu's ambition, as it is the reason she often trains Kururu in her spare time. Besides the training schedule with her mother, Kururu often practises alone on the hill where she and her mother trains together. Sometimes while waiting for her mother to arrive, Kururu often daydreams. She ponders to herself... where her father and her two older siblings are. But for some reason she wouldn't ask her mother about them, and only hopes she will finally see them when they return one day. It's because ever since she was born... her mother had only mentioned them travelling while fighting strong warriors when Kururu was one year old. She only knows the name of her two siblings, Reisha Kazuha and Ryuga Kazuha.

Kururu encountered numerous depressing incidents throughout her life, but she always makes an effort to be steadfast while she faced them. Ever since the incident that befell her village, Kururu has held a grudge against those who injured her mother, murdered her friends and the rest of the village. However she does not have any clue as to who and where the murderer was. Until one day her mother advised Kururu to take part in a tournament called Samurai Duelers League or more commonly known as SDL. There she could meet with many powerful adversaries. Perhaps one of them has fought with her father. Not only that, but Kururu could even improve her skills while fighting there. Without further thought, Kururu approved of her mother's request. Since then she has taken part in SDL and started to search for the murderer. As day by day passed since then, Kururu had fought many people. She decided to form a team and open a shop in her house. From that moment on she made lots of friends and even many duelers came over to her house to buy something. Each passing day Kururu got to know more people. She is confident, that the moment she finds the culprit will come, and she will exact revenge on behalf of everyone...

Personality: Very kind and friendly. She usually helps other people, even the enemies. She doesn't care about the people that hate her, but in fact, she still likes them no matter what. She doesn't want to hurt people, and in the battle she always defeated them with everything except her sword. At times she will brood somewhere and grieve, but she always hides those feelings and becomes cheerful again once with her friends. Finally, Kururu always says "Desu" at the end of her sentences.

Likes: People who are kind, people who visit her home, training, making friends, joking, playing, and doing enjoyable things.

Dislikes: Murderers, liars, cruel people, arrogance, filthy people, egoistic people, and spicy food.

thx to :iconlooneh: to translate the text tee hee XD


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:bulletblack: Kururu Kazuha, Tsuki No Hikari©~seochan
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